Advantages TPMS

Prevent accidents

Tyres can lose up to half of their air pressure before it is actually noticed by the driver. Tyre wear due to low tyre pressure will affect your driving safety in two ways:

Integrity of the tyre
Low tyre pressure changes the way the rubber makes contact with the road, which changes the traction, action, steering, stability and braking.

Unusual wear
A worn tread affects not only the traction and reaction, but also the risk of a collision – very dangerous while driving

Because 75% of the road side stops with a flat tyre is preceded by slow leakage or too low tyre pressure, it is also important to consider what to do if and when a tyre failure occurs. Will it be on a remote highway? At night? In the middle of a busy intersection? In any case, the best way to prevent the inconvenience, cost, danger and risk of sudden tyre failure is to keep your tyre pressure correct.

Therefore, checking your tyre pressure regularly is so very important. And that’s how a TPMS, which automatically warns the driver when the tyre pressure is at a certain percentage below the advised tyre pressure, is the best solution.

Less fuel consumption

Well inflated tyres have a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere. A reduction of CO2 emissions contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With an average of 15,000 km per year, the typical typical passenger car emissions are more than five tonnes of CO2 per year. So, with well inflated tyres, you improve your fuel consumption by about 3%. The fuel saving translates into a reduced CO2 emission of your vehicle.
Commercial vehicles that drive over 100.000km per year can save even much more.

Less tyre wear

Tyres that wear evenly last longer before repair or replacement. Tyre manufacturers say that only 0.5 bar below the appropriate tyre pressure reduces the tyre life by as much as 25%. A typical tyre loses 0.1 to 0.2 bar per month. If you do not check and adjust, you will need to replace the tyre more quickly than necessary.

But with the right tyre pressure you can also save money at the pump. Soft tyres increase fuel consumption by 0.3% per 0.2 bar reduction in the four tires. Every day, a lot of fuel is wasted due to incorrectly inflated tyres. You as a motorist can improve your fuel consumption by about 3% by keeping your tyres at the right tyre pressure.

With an average car, you can lose up to $ 300 a year.
On a truck this will easily be $ 1,800 a year .