Led Pressure Alarm

Unique temperature compensation

The Led Pressure Alarm sensors have a unique air chamber as a pressure reference. This follows the temperature in the tyre, causing the pressure in the tyre and sensor to follow the temperature fluctuations. The latter has many causes, such as driving speed or loading.
As a result, you only get an alarm if there is really air gone from your tyre, and not only if the pressure becomes too low due to cold temperatures.

Alarm from 5% pressure loss

The result of the unique temperature compensation is that you can detect a pressure loss much better. Our sensors for trucks give an alarm from 0.4 bar pressure loss. What is about 5% of a truck tyre inflated at 8 bar.
This is much better than the general sensor that only gives an alarm from 20% -30% pressure loss.

24/7 continuos control

The Led Pressure Alarm is an external sensor and gives a flash of light when an alarm occurs. This is always visible around your vehicle. As part of the Pre-Trip Check, the driver can see which tyre should be inflated before departure. Is this not better than the sensors that go to sleep when the vehicle is stopped and just wake up after a couple of ten or hundred meters after leaving?

For all type of vehicles

The sensors are suitable for all air tyres. Both for the standard ‘shr├Ąder’ valves as well as the larger valves for ‘OTR’ vehicles.
For a recommended tyre pressure between 1 and 6 bar, opt for an alarm at 0,2 bar pressure drop.
For a recommended tire pressure between 5 and 13 bar, opt for an alarm at 0,4 bar pressure drop.

Connect it with your telematics

The Led Pressure Alarm radio visual for buses, rrucks and vans with display near the driver are also connectable to almost all vehicle telematics. This way a fleet manager sees a low pressure alarm from his PC at the office.

Easy Installation

The Led Pressure Alarm is easy to place on the valve with the included anti-theft key. With each (re) installation on the valve, the calibration occurs according to the tyre pressure.
With the Radio Visual version, you can easily connect the supplied receiver to the 9-33V power supply.